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Hey Sarah!

Silly me wrote the wrong name in a copy of my book Love Vintage, when I was writing a dedication yesterday. Already having an adequate number of the blighters, I wondered if there was in fact a real Sarah out there who might like to pick up a copy?

"I know a few Sarahs" was the thought.

So - Sarah, or perhaps friend of Sarah. Like a copy of my book? Just comment over on Circa's blog post and you'll go in the running - the book will go to the best real Sarah who can give me a good reason about why she'd like to benefit from my mistake.

Post entries here please.

thank you :)


Coat Sale

Need a coat for winter? Circa's got something for you, and until we run out of stock, all our overcoats will be $80 only - short long, thin, heavy....for more information see the website.

Designing Circa online emporium.

At the stockroom, listening to Sam Cooke and Buddy Holly (*sigh*)

Spent the last few hours working on the design for Circa's webstore. Wow, first I went through lots of vintage clothing websites to see what I liked and didn't like, and the technology has improved greatly in the past few years - universally, the ones that I liked had been designed recently, some of the older ones just hurt my eyes. One of my pet dislikes is that you had to search individual listings to find the small number that were in your size. One even had inconsistent measurements so that two dresses of the same size were listed as different sizes.

I wonder how they manage to sell things? It wasn't too hard to write up a list of what I'd like Circa's listings to include - most of the information is as per Circa's swing tags and it tickled me to see that I was including some rare or not found information: eg, fabric details should be a set requirement but many webstores either didn't provide it or provided a weave rather than a fabric, eg "satin" or "organza" when really it should be "silk satin" or "nylon organza". Important difference. Anyway, the field that I'm including that I haven't seen elsewhere is Care instructions - when I'm shopping I prefer to buy clothes that I can handwash rather than dryclean - it also increases the likelihood that your new frock will make it through it's first wash.

So: it's starting to feel a bit more real. Tim gets a day off on Monday for ANZAC day and so I've booked him for website building. It helps that I can now give him a Requirements Document about how I want it to look like and how to get around it. I still have plenty of work to do - writing terms and conditions, shipping, sizing etc but we're getting there.

Now it's back to the shop for afternoon tea with Victoria and Marianne, and to get feedback on my design. I hope they like it too!


Circa Sale

Hi all,

In case you missed it on twitter, facebook, Circa...we're having a sale. I've bought more new stock than I can fit into any of the spaces that I have and need to create room. So: the first in-shop sale that we've had in a few years - 20% off everything except jewellery and Love Vintage books.

More information here. Thank you.


This June Circa will be heading north for the Wintersun rock 'n' roll festival in Coolangatta. We're presenting a parade of vintage swimsuits and need volunteer models, dressers, hairstylists and make up people.

It should be heaps of fun - the event goes for ten days but our parade will be running only twice. I've been stashing my swimsuits away and think that I have about thirty so far - mens and ladies. Some of them were on Collectors a few weeks ago, and some others will be on display in a Ballarat exhibition in May (more on that later). There are swimsuits from the '30s to the '70s but for Wintersun, we'll be covering the decades up to the '60s.

More information at Circa's website. It's five months away, but accommodation is in demand - if you're thinking of going, I recommend you book soon and if you'd like to be involved in the parade, please email me at:

Thank you!

Like to work at Circa?

Three days a week - see ad at Seek. Any questions, please email me at:
nicole@circavintageclothing.com.au applications close Saturday week.

thank you.

UPDATE: if you are interested in this position, please ensure that you carefully read the ad on the link above and apply in writing to the postal address rather than emailing an application. I've already received almost thirty by email and as much as I appreciate your enthusiasm, your chances of an interview are greatly increased if you do as I request! Thank you.


Collectors - here 'tis

For those who didn't or couldn't see it last night:


The swimwear segment is between the 10 and 14 minute mark.



late notice for those who didn't see it on facebook or twitter...tonight on ABC1 is the episode of the Collectors where I talk (and show) some of my vintage swimwear collection. Some of the womens suits are paraded by Candice deVille (Super Kawaii Mama) and the whole thing was filmed at Circa, so you get to see the shop if you haven't seen it before.

Here's what the TV guide says:
Meet a collector who says he has the best surfing collection in the world; a lady with fabulous vintage swimwear; and a man passionate about Buick cars shares his breathtaking collection.

I like the idea of being a lady with fabulous vintage swimwear....all quite true, of course - tune in tonight at 8pm or if you miss it, it will be repeated on Monday evening on ABC2 and also available online - I'll post a link when it's up.


Where to get Le Book

I've posted to Circa about where to find the book - it's a long post so if you'd like to know more, please go here.

The short version is this: a list of booksellers in Australia and New Zealand (!) who stock it. This is a starting point as many of the shops I've heard about are not on the list - orders are still coming in so if you prefer to try your local shop, go there and if they don't have it, ask if they can get it in.

As a side note - I have this urge to go on a big road trip merely to have the thrill of seeing my book in these shops. If you live near Newtown, please pop into Read or Dead so I can enjoy the vicarious thrill of my little book being there!

Of course, it's not a little book, it's actually fairly big and weighs almost a kilo and a half which brings me to postage - to Perth it's going to be a whopping $14.40. I'll cover the GST and packaging, saving you about $5.

Postage to the US and UK is enormous - up to $49.50, almost the cost of the book. see post for full details.

Alternatively, it can be purchased through the publisher for free postage to anywhere in Australia (see link on the post).

If you would still like a copy from Circa, please let me know or call the shop during trading hours on (03) 9419 8899. Hey, I'll sign it for you!